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Welcome to draco_stills, we appreciate your humble arrival. This community is dedicated to the one and only, Draco Malfoy (and/or) the actor that plays him, Tom Felton. Every week will be one different challenge from the other, based on Draco Malfoy - and/or sometimes - Tom Felton.

Founder/Creator: silverxdragon
Moderators: silverxdragon, revolizandiditt

Header Maker: lelymarques


You MUST be an APPROVED member of the community.
2) To enter this week's contest, just reply to the original entry of the week's contest, and post your icons.
3) You CANNOT use others' icons, and if you do, you (and your icon) will be DISQUALIFIED from the community, and if I feel nicer, from that week's contest.
4) You may submit up to 3 icons per challenge.
5) You need to submit your icon as LJ standards. Meaning, ONLY 100x100, 40k, icons.
6) There will be some instances that you may make animated icons.
7) If you like an icon that someone made, comment underneath their entry where they posted the icon, if you may use it. Be sure to CREDIT who's ever you take.
8) We unscreen all comments after the results of the week's entries are in, and the banners are made.
9) When the banners are posted up, COMMENT saying you are taking yours.
10) If you are just here to flame our community, you are just wasting your own time, and ours. Please leave if you are here to do so.
11) ALL entries for a week's challenge SHOULD look like this:

We hold each challenge every week. Challenges start Sundays/Mondays of each week. Voting starts on Fridays/Saturdays at 8 pm and follows into the next day.

Voting may change every week, or any week. But, if it does not say to pick a different number of icons and the special category, pick 3 favorite icons that you like and one special icon for the special category that week.

Your vote should look like this:

You may NOT vote for yourself.


lelymarques | silverxdragon

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